How is your day: 4th October

Last Modified Friday, 4 October 2019 (11:26 IST)
Aries: Your unconventional ideas help to carve a niche of your own. Your personal magnetism is on the rise today. Do not pursue any issues relating to inheritance at this time. You may receive money from an unexpected source.

Taurus: You will force your way forward in whatever you undertake and take the ups and downs of fortune in your stride. This day is going to test you mentally and physically.
Gemini:  Someone important may misunderstand you. You will make contact with important people today. Take a morning walk and exercise everyday for a better sense of well-being. This is not such a good day at work.

Cancer:  You crave encouragement; only love and gentle nudging bring out the best in you. Poetry and literary gatherings hold your interest today. Avoid eating fried and oily food. Spicy stuff is also a big no-no for now. 
Leo:  You lean towards philosophy at this time. don't indulge in avoidable arguments today. Avoid being near a fire and have nothing to do with firearms at this time. You are in the mood to splurge today.
Virgo:  Someone in a distant place becomes a source for worry. You are happy and content as a communication from afar proves lucrative. You find it difficult to take decisions despite your high self-confidence.
Libra: Optimism and self-confidence propel the day forward. Poetry and literary gatherings hold your interest today. Your rivals keep you off balance.
Scorpio: Communication will have to be as open and honest as you can possibly get if your looking for great results in new business partnerships.  Domestic tensions are less but still continue.
Sagittarius: You face indecision in a work matter, go by your gut feelings for this one. If single, someone new will be interesting. This evening relatives will be in touch, make a dinner plan, enjoy!
Capricorn:  The health of a loved one improves, giving you time for a personal project that was shelved. Trouble with a sibling over money matters can ruin the harmony.
Aquarius: A long-lost love is likely to get rekindled on its own, giving you a second chance to get it right this time. Work your way to success and show your feelings without too much thought or plan.
Pisces:  Artists/musicians get an opportunity to showcase their talents today and are likely to receive much praise and promise today.
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