How is your day : 6th August

Last Modified Tuesday, 6 August 2019 (10:47 IST)
Aries: You may have a heavy workload today, but you'll be pleased with your success. Tonight your intuitive powers are absolutely on the spot.

:  With patience and understanding on your part, a concern about a child or romantic interest will be resolved. Tonight finds you dreamy and imaginative.

:  You may take a break from routine activities to be alone with your thoughts. Somebody tricky could steal your thunder.

:  A talk with a family member leads to a better understanding of each other's needs. You'll be busy putting the finishing touches on a special project.

:  An inclination to withdraw into you can cause problems with close ties. Leave open the door of communication.

:  On the job, you must pace yourself today. Don't do things in a hurry. Going out for fun is better than staying in.

Libra :  This will be a relaxing day when you'll be spending quality time with your family. You'll also be fired up about a creative project or perhaps a new romantic interest.

Scorpio :  The pace at work may be sluggish and frustrating. However, you'll be very successful with a personal negotiation.

:  If you are aiming for others to like you, it may be a bit tough. Others at work and in your personal life are entitled to their opinion.

Capricorn :  You may be dealing with a person who's opinionated, but otherwise it's a good day for travel, academics, and trips.

Aquarius : Don't give up on your grand ambitions, but take a realistic view of how much you can expect to do in one go. Putting time and money into anything you don't believe in needs to be curtailed. Be yourself.

Pisces:-  A simple situation may get complicated if you neglect it today. Be patient and keep the faith. Pass the test of the universe. Reaching long-term goals require consistency. Discover it within yourself and allow it to grow!
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