How is your day: 6th June

Last Modified Thursday, 6 June 2019 (10:47 IST)
Aries:- Let you personify sense and sensibility today and hereafter as you plan and work on yourself, your shortcomings and mostly on your fears.

Taurus:- You may find your ambitions thwarted by the opposition; a phenomenal amount of patience is required to see the day through. A shopping spree lifts your spirits today, as you buy things for the home. 

Gemini:- Proposals pending with higher authorities are approved in your favor. You feel trapped in a situation that really has you flummoxed today. Your opponents are looking to make trouble. Be wary. 

Cancer:- You want to possess the better things in life. Persevere, and these will come in time. You take a deep interest in arts, literature and music today. 

Leo:- Your generosity and kindness know no bounds. Patience and determination mark everything you do today. You may take that decision to buy a new car. This is a good day to make investments. 

Virgo:- Siblings are helpful and small efforts pay large dividends. You are in a retrospective mood today. A stomachache is likely to cause you a lot of discomfort. 

Libra:- Smooth sailings for the most part both work wise and in your personal life today, as you manage to stay on top of things despite the obstacles and delays.

Scorpio:- You will seriously consider switching over to vegetarianism. Gratification of creature comforts is uppermost in your mind today. 

Sagittarius:- This is a great day to spend with friends, having loads of fun. Uncertainty prevails during the day. Health is on the upswing. Prolonged hours at work cause fatigue and discomfort. Take things easy. 

Capricorn:- Involvement in social activities will bring you immense satisfaction. Hectic activity leaves you feeling exhausted and restless throughout the day. 

Aquarius:- Authority figures help to boost your career prospects. A general feeling of dissatisfaction lingers throughout the day. Expenses are high and you are forced to arrange for money from various sources. 

Pisces:- You have a strong influence over others; this will be amply demonstrated at a public gathering sometime now. don't indulge in avoidable arguments today.
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