How is your day: 7th March

Last Modified Thursday, 7 March 2019 (10:32 IST)
Aries: Anything you do against the flow of the universe today will rebound. Falling flat on your face is likely. Avoid manipulation and maintain a low profile. If married, a separation could be confirmed.

Taurus:  Work related matters are stressful and the urge to do more than you are capable of could prove detrimental to your health and well being. If single, marriage proposals pour in and it is a good time to make the right choice.

Gemini:  If employed, you come to a point where you feel growth is stalled due to politics and hence causes a delay. Speaking with your seniors may make a difference provided you stay diplomatic and logical in your point.

Cancer:  Creatively inclined people sign up for new contracts and are geared up to show their talents with full of confidence and conviction. Money inflow increases and you splurge on desired luxuries, maybe a new house.

Leo: You wake up to the fact that you can only depend on yourself to make through the tough transitions that you are going through as you take the reigns back from manipulative people and situations.

Virgo: Health needs attention as an old ailment crops up and could cause you trouble. Medical advice and cutting down on work helps. Independent business people do well. Celebrate with loved ones tonight. Have fun.

Libra: Finances and money dealings should be your top priority today as you reap exactly what you sow and will face consequences beyond your imagination. Family life is stressful. Make amends this evening and strengthen bonds.

Scorpio: Work is mundane. Pep yourself and get it right with the rest of the process. Love life is interesting. However, don’t get too carried away. Do not give your power away to the wrong people. Health is good.

Sagittarius: You hope you can be of use to others. Make sure your intention comes from true service. Overtime is indicated as deadlines are plenty.

Capricorn: Business partnerships do well as contracts you have been waiting for materialize. Promised money comes in. Entertaining old clients and customers will prove lucrative. 

Aquarius: Love life seems smoother yet you are insecure about your mate and his/her intentions for you and the future you desire. Open communication and being fair will break barriers.

Pices: Focus on work related matters with deadlines you need to meet. Get your priorities right and things will fall into place. Keep the faith. Bond with loved ones tonight. In the midst of chaos in your domestic life.
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