How is your day : 8th March

Last Modified Sunday, 8 March 2020 (11:14 IST)
Aries: Work is routine and you desire it to be more challenging. If employed, you are hoping to be assigned ventures that can showcase your talents. Take it slow and easy. Don’t rush the process. 

Taurus:  Busy and yet troubled by an old health issue cropping up is something you have to deal with. A medical opinion is a wise choice. Finances for some are still tight and suggestions on saving will be bright.

Gemini:  You shall have all of what you desire, as you possess the Midas touch today. Making the most of it may require aggressive action. Let complacency be an issue of the past and forge ahead with confidence.

Cancer:  Creative people make a mark, earn appreciation and are ready to take on a few risks today that are sure to work. 

Leo: Life is a maze and you are right in the middle of it all, absorbing every experience and hoping to learn from it. You move towards your goals with no definite plan, allowing your gut to guide you. 

Virgo: Work is slow as your mind seems to be racing in many different directions. Allow yourself a mental break and ease out issues that bother you. Health needs care especially for those suffering from joint aches and pains.  

Libra: Your attitude may not be one of gratitude, but making sure you are a part of a solution rather than the problem will bring results. Mixed at first, there will be improvement later. Expenditures continue to be high.

Scorpio: Giving yourself importance is one thing but constantly comparing yourself to others is pitiful. An internal makeover is most essential. Cleanse your thoughts and your heart. Take your time. Health is good.

Sagittarius: If you have lost recently, it is time for some movement and commitment as your life takes a turn for the positive. Travel plans materialize and great fun is in store. Love life comes to a grinding halt. 

Capricorn: Work gets tough as current projects run into trouble due to the lack of organization and the mistakes that were overlooked. 

Aquarius: You will be happy and focused. Your personal life takes a happy turn. This will make you want to be more even-tempered and generous. You will gear up to give your best at work.

Pices: Domestic pressures increase, and although you are well equipped, suggestions from close pals can be considered. Those planning a new venture will be busy with paperwork and procedures.
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