How is your day: 8th November

Last Modified Friday, 8 November 2019 (10:36 IST)
Aries: Muster up the courage to do exactly what you desire in life and start the chain of happy events in every area. Finances and the lack of it bother you no end today. Take a chance with one of your brilliant ideas.

Taurus: Litigation/ government related matters need your urgent attention. Give it all! Health improves for most although you need to be extra careful when it comes to urgent overseas travel that will be on the cards.
Gemini:  Talk behind your back is plenty. Do not allow others to get under your skin. Continue being excellent. Love life is happy and yet moments of unsurely and anxiety. Have a heart to heart with your beloved.

Cancer:  A close pal proposes a business venture. After much thought, you go ahead with hope. Power games are best when avoided even though you may feel the lack of support from trusted colleagues.
Leo:  Many happy moments in a lucrative day at work where your contribution makes all the difference. you do more than your best to get your point across to a close pal going through an emotional upheaval.
Virgo: Love life is rocky and it seems to run into pattern. Ask yourself whether this is in an ideal situation. Save yourself from trouble. All the best.
Libra: You feel the need to clear the air between you and a senior at work, getting off the ego clashes; A great way for new beginnings. Promises made are need to be kept.
Scorpio: A perfectionist at work, others may fail to understand your constant passion. Let it not bother your creative process and progress. Emergencies at work do not allow for you to take huger risks and limit your progress.
Sagittarius: Light bulb moments and doing something about them at the earliest is your forte. Do it again. Some of you purchase a much desired dream vehicle this evening.
Capricorn: Short tempered, you tend to play vengeful games with your mate, with whom you are very upset. What goes around comes around. Self-respect is the most essential ingredient. If you feel you lack some of it.
Aquarius: Those in love may not get the kind of response they are awaiting. It’s best to allow for freedom and wait in patience. Money comes in and you enjoy spending power. Enjoy yourself painting the town red this evening.
Pisces:  Travel is, surprising and enterprising. You meet interesting people and commit to new contracts. Those in long-term love relationships are at loggerheads with their stubborn mates. Be generous in spirit.
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