How is your day: 9th May

Last Modified Tuesday, 9 May 2017 (10:54 IST)
Aries: You are likely to be offered something that you have never done before at work, focus on getting a team organized, and you will do well! In your personal life, be extra sensitive.

Taurus:  Work is enhanced by your enthusiasm today, and you allow yourself to be adventurous at work, happy returns are indicated. 

Gemini:  Ups and downs are in plenty; however that does not stop you from looking for lucrative loopholes, make the process a happy one. Meetings/seminars this afternoon may be long and tiring, take care of your health. 

Cancer: Highs and lows are who you are today; take a break from routine. Catching up on pending paperwork and correspondence and get things organized. Money is slow being careful and go easy on expenses.

Leo: Work wise you rise and shine, better than most, money inflow follows suit, splurge on a fun-shopping spree. Those going through an uncertain personal life find it its tough to leave the 

Virgo: Speculation/ gamble will take more out of you than you can imagine, focus on routine matters at work today that require your attentions. 

Libra: Feeling uncomfortable at the work place if recently switched jobs is a temporary feeling, be at peace within yourself! You will be looked after! New contracts are worth more than a 

Scorpio: Love life and the presence of a companion is something you miss! Look up at the stars and make a wish. You never know when the heavens open up! Surprises for sure.

Sagittarius: The lack of integrity from others in your business means you may have to look at people and situations personally, be positive.

Capricorn:  Work gets hectic and you give it your best shot, your focus however in your personal life that needs some fuel, a new budding romance should be taken slowly and steadily. Money is tight, start saving, and be happy.

Aquarius:  Career opportunities are on the brink and all you need is to strike the iron whilst its hot. Success is yours for the taking. Love life takes a backseat and you enjoy the peace you truly deserve.

Pices: Allow your instinct to guide you today as intrigue grows both in your professional as well as personal life, health is bad and needs a serious medical opinion this evening, take it easy.
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