How is your day: 9th November

Last Modified Wednesday, 8 November 2017 (15:51 IST)
Your ideas would be taken by some one you trust. Be rather careful of deceitful persons and their ways today. Strong headed and willful, you make interesting changes at work, heading towards a bumper success.   

:You try establishing contact with those you have given a raw deal to. Be fair and generous. Love is in the air. Someone you fancy at the work place showing a growing interest. Smile. Move ahead.   

People tend to be lazy and over dependant on you. Put a firm foot down and get assertive today. Life is too short to make those colossal errors. Make the most of happy opportunities coming your way.  


:Work wise challenges could rock your beliefs, your world. Advices from others seem to come in without asking. When it comes to you, listening to your inner voice is all that matters. 

Money inflow is good. Short-term ventures accrue quick benefits. Speculation is a happy option today. Focus is no more as issue as ideas flow freely. Get down to work. Do a brilliant job. 

You learn to ignore what's not important and lean to be more centered. At work, your seniors are proud of your achievements and give you a big assignment to handle independently. Cheers. 

Libra : All it takes is for you to communicate your problems and you will be pleasantly surprised with the happy and supportive response. To be good at work and for the word to spread around gives you a big high!  

Scorpio : You yearn to strike a balance, to make the right decisions. Aware of your shortcomings. Clinching important deals is indicated and you are in the limelight for recent achievements today. 

You hope you can be of use to others. Make sure your intention comes from true service. Overtime is indicated as deadlines are plenty and you desire to give it all today. 

Capricorn : Stubborn about all the wrong people and situations today. Give yourself a break. You won't regret it. The undisputed undeniable support of a close pal makes your day as you through many an upheaval.   

Aquarius : Your career takes an upward swing and it's all because you follow your hunches! Try not to be exacting and overcritical you need to be more gentle and understanding with others. Work will improve.  

Pisces : Many a new idea is brimming in your head. You will be very successful. Health is good. In your personal life, temptations to be flirtatious are fine as long as you don't make promises you cannot keep.  
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