Sri Krishna Janmashtami falling on an auspicious Sanyog

Sri Ramanuja
will be celebrated on August 25 this year. It proves to be an auspicious date, which boasts of a divine Sanyog of and Rohini Nakshatra. Ashtami will be in Udaya tithi and at midnight during Krishna birth celebration, there will be an auspicious to make it more special.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami is traditionally celebrated on Bhadrapada's Krishna Paksha Ashtami. On this date is falling on August 25 this year, but the Ashtami tithi will be effective from 10.13 PM of August 24 itself. In which case, those who have faith in Tithi Kaal, can celebrate Janmashtami even on Wednesday. However it would be more appropriate and in accordance of holy scriptures if it is celebrated on Thursday in Udaya Kaal. Ashtami will be effective till 8.13 PM of August 25. A midnight Rohini Nakshatra Yog will make this special event more auspicious for the faithfuls.

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