Hero Electric’s oldest partner looks to sustain the momentum in the post-COVID Market

Last Modified Wednesday, 24 February 2021 (19:45 IST)
Kolkata:India's Largest Electric two-wheeler company has always ensured its partners have grown with it despite all odds.
The company announced that two of its premier dealerships, Shyam & Company in New Delhi, was among the top dealerships for the region registering over 70+ units sold per month during the Post-COVID recovery. The dealerships also reported that the company’s continuous efforts in making the hybrid sales model has reaped rewards for them when the future looked bleak.
Coupled with its innovative training programs for their dealers, the company’s dealerships across the country have benefitted by registering sales bettering their pre-COVID performances.
One of the company’s oldest partner, the dealership has been with the company for over 13 years. Attributing their success and entry into selling electric Two-wheelers, Ravi Jedani said that it was the feeling of being welcomed into a family with the Hero team that has motivated each one of them to strive and work harder to ensure the shift to clean mobility. Calling their partnership with Hero one of their best decision, the dealership shared how understanding the long term effects of climate change and the necessity of shifting to a cleaner mode of transport was one of the key reasons that encouraged them setup a dealership of Electric Vehicles.
Jedani of Shyam & Company said, looking at their success, their peers who went on to pick up dealerships of ICE vehicles were now looking to EVs as a lucrative option. The response from the consumers since inception has not only reinstated their faith in their decisions but also various industry-first, customer friendly schemes that Hero Electric launched encouraged the company to work harder.
Commenting on the shift of the demographics of the consumers, the dealers mentioned how the large chunk of consumers that earlier consisted of the elderly looking for an electric scooter has now transformed into youngsters visiting the showroom. The youngsters are now realizing how important moving to a cleaner mobility solution is apart from finding it cheaper than fuel-based scooters. With support from the Delhi government’s “Switch Delhi” campaign, the waiver on road tax and registration fee for all new EVs apart would bring in more people to the showrooms.
He also added “As a dealer of Hero Electric, I have always felt privileged to have associated with a brand that not only stands for commitment, trust and support but also walks the talk when it comes to implementing it. The entire team including Mr.Munjal, Mr.Gill and regional teams have always thought about us as a family and taken our recommendations positively and helped us grow. This kind of support helps us grow and also motivates us to work harder and honor their vision to transform the country to a cleaner, greener mobility solution.”
Hero Electric is delighted to see such commitment of dealers in adjusting and improvising their sales performance amid these colossally difficult times and values them immensely. These efforts are a true showcase of a real partnership between the brand and its dealer network. Hero Electric is committed to push and foster eco-friendly mobility in India. The brand’s efforts have been in line with promoting EVs in the country through such initiatives so that people do not choose but want electric vehicles over ICE counterparts. The positive results are a testament to all the valued dealer partners of Hero Electric across India.(UNI)