A half hearted hug from Salman, as her dress was backless

Last Modified Wednesday, 2 August 2017 (13:14 IST)
Mumbai: Salman is known for his action packed movies and luring heroines within seconds. However, it seems like his behavior is just opposite when it comes to dealing with girls of tinsel town. Recently he went to attend “Big Zee Entertainment Awards” where popular celebs of the small screen were present. 
The former contestant of tv reality show Big Boss, approached and hugged Salman Khan. Salman looked tentative and avoided a full hug as Sana was wearing a backless dress. The picture is doing rounds in social media and Bhai fans are saying, “Look, he is so shy”. 
To be fair with Salman, even on screen he has refrained from doing kissing and intimate scences and has accepted many times that he is too shy to do these things on screen! (WD)
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