Akshay may spoil festive mood of Khan duos at BO next year

Last Updated: Monday, 2 December 2019 (14:11 IST)
Mumbai: Since 10 years had relished the solo release on the festival of Eid. It is known to one and all that he has the most huge fan following which always propels his movies. This is the reason why no other star wishes to clash with Salman Khan, especially on Eid. However, the dynamics will not be the same for the Salmon next year. In the Year 2020, Salman Khan has to battle Akshay Kumar on at Box office.
Earlier there was speculation in the B-town that Akshay Kumar starrer will release on Eid 2020. Cinegoers had a habit of watching Salman Khan on Eid at the box office for the past 10 years. Considering this as a rumour, Salman Khan remained stuck to his plan. Later it was confirmed that Akshay is heading towards a clash with Salman Khan in Eid 2020. There is still a scope of postponement.
Akshay Kumar has not only decided to make life difficult of Salman Khan but also of Aamir Khan. As per the information received from Bollywood, too will not enjoy a solo release on 2020. 
It is to be noted that Aamir Khan who decided took a long break after the failure of Thugs of Hindostan will feature in Lal Singh Chadda. The movie is a remake of the Hollywood movie Forest Gump. Likewise, Salman, Aamir Khan too relishes a solo release most of the time. But this time around Akshay Kumar has decided to release his movie "Bachchan Pandey" on Christmas 2020. Akshay has been portrayed as a religious brahmin in the first poster of the movie directed by Farhad Samaji. 
It looks like Akshay Kumar has the plan to spoil the festive mood of Khan duo in the next year. Only time will tell how much loss is incurred by Khan duos by this knee jerk decision of Akshay Kumar. (WD)
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