21 Sikhs vs 10K Afghani Invaders, still one of bravest battle missing in History textbooks

Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 March 2019 (13:14 IST)
Mumbai: As his next film 'Kesari: the battle of Saragarhi', gets ready to hit screens on Thursday, superstar laments that this chapter of history is not a part of history books in India.
''It is one of the bravest battles ever fought in Indian history. However, the 'Saragarhi battle' is nowhere is our syllabus.I feel that it must be told worldwide,''Akshay told reporters during a trip to the capital here on Monday evening to promte the film.
In this context, he said that he was glad to be part of this movie.'' This movie will definitely tell its story and reach out to the hearts of the people,''he said.Based on a story of Havildar Ishar Singh, who participates in the Battle of Saragarhi in which an army of 21 Sikhs fought against 10,000 Afghans in 1897, 'Kesari' hits cinema screens on Holi on March 21.
Talking about his preparations and role in the movie, Akshay, who was accompanied by the lead acress and director Anurag Singh,  said,"I didn't have to do much preparations for the movie as our director Anurag was very supportive in throughout the journey. But when it comes to carrying the 'Pug' (turban) I am wearing in the movie, it  was difficult to perform the action with it."
Speaking to reporters, actress Parineeti Chopra said,'' I am playing his wife's role in the movie which is a very light role.''
On the experience of working with Akshay, she said, "Akshay Sir is an amazing person and he is full of energy. He always used to do pranks on me on the sets. I had fun shooting the song in the movie.''
Talking about the film, Director Anurag Singh said,''for me story is the most important part of the movie. It should touch the heart of the director only then you will be able to invest one or two years of your life to the script.?
When asked about the challenges faced, the team said, "There were not any challenges faced though, but a massive fire burnt down Kesari's set in Wai, Maharashtra which reduced the whole set to ashes, although, there were no casualities,  but we had to make a new set and re-start the shooting." (UNI)
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