Kangana Ranaut's production house in Mumbai 'forcefully' taken over by BMC

Last Modified Tuesday, 8 September 2020 (19:00 IST)
New Delhi: The (BMC) has 'forcefully' taken over Films, the movie production house and office of Bollywood actor in Mumbai's Khar (West).
Kangana, who is involved in a confrontation with Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Government over her statements and disclosures about drug mafia in Bollywood, said in a tweet that officials had "forcefully taken over my office... (and) harassing my neighbours".
She said her office was to be demolished tomorrow, adding that  she had the required permission and "nothing illegal (has been done) in my property".
"They have forcefully taken over my office... measuring everything, also harassing my neighbours when they retorted... BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) officials used language like, 'What that Madame has done... everybody will have to bear the brunt'," Ms Ranaut said in a video posted on Twitter. 
''I am informed tomorrow they are demolishing my property... I have all the papers (and) BMC permissions... nothing illegal (has been done) in my property. BMC should send a structure plan to show the illegal construction with a notice," she further said in her tweets.(UNI)
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