Mah court orders investigation against Kangana and Rangoli

Last Modified Saturday, 17 October 2020 (20:35 IST)
Mumbai: A local court has ordered the police to investigate a private complaint against actor and her sister for allegedly creating divisions between communities and spreading communal hatred through social media. The complaint stated that Ranaut was "creating divisions between communities and spreading communal hatred".
Metropolitan magistrate Jaydeo Khule of Local Bandra court has passed an order on Friday copy of which was made available on Friday on a private complaint u/s 156 (3) of the Crpc by fitness trainer Munwar Ali Sayed .In his order, magistrate Khule said that "On prima facie perusal of complaint and submissions? I found the cognizable offence has been committed by the accused. Total allegations are based upon comment on electronic media - Twitter and interviews.The accused used social media like Twitter. The thorough investigation is necessary by the expert? search and seizure is necessary in this case."
He directed the concerned police station to investigate the complaint.Sayeed has accused Kangana Ranaut of defaming Bollywood and portraying people working in the industry "as a hub of nepotism, favouritism, drug addicts, communally-biased people, murderers, etc.," via her interviews and tweets.
According to Sayyed these actions were causing a divide between people of different communities and "creating a bad image of Bollywood in the minds of people." 
Referring to Ranaut's tweet comparing Mumbai to PoK, Sayyed wrote that, "Police Investigation is necessary as to ascertain the real motive behind such hate tweets and who are the people backing such hatred to create communal tensions and sentiments against the government."
Reacting to the news court direction against her name, and that of her sister, Ranaut tweeted that the "Pappu sena in seems to be obsessing over me," she further added, "don't miss me so much I will be there soon.(UNI) 
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