Bigg Boss 14’s Nikki Tamboli to donate plasma to help COVID-19 patients

Last Updated: Sunday, 25 April 2021 (22:01 IST)
14 2nd runner up Nikki Tamboli, who recently recovered from coronavirus, decided to extend a helping hand to others by donating her at a hospital for the ones in need.

On 19th March Tamboli had revealed her diagnosis and was home quarantined following the doctors’ medications, requesting others coming in contact with her to get tested too.

The actress took to her social media to share that she will be donating plasma to covid patients battling the virus in a government hospital. Requesting her fans to take care of themselves and follow discipline to fight against the virus.

Nikki also revealed about her brother who is admitted in a hospital too is tested covid positive. She said, “Post being recovered and tested covid negative I am going to donate plasma in a government hospital to the patients who cannot afford it and who are in need of the same in these dark hours. My blood group is O positive and I will donating my plasma in a government hospital for covid stricken patients. She also requested the ones who have been recovered from covid to donate their plasma too.”

She concluded stating, “my own brother who is recently admitted in a hospital is tested covid positive too. I am once again requesting everyone to take care of themselves. The situation out there is bad. Whenever my parents call me I get scared that what would be the news. I hope this COVID battle end super soon and please take care everyone.”

lost her grandmother a few days back but she continued to shoot in order to fulfil her work commitments.
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