Police closed the case, who emerged as winner Kangana or Hrithik?

Last Modified Thursday, 17 November 2016 (15:57 IST)
Mumbai:The biggest Bollywood face off between superstar and top notch actress Kangna Ranaut seems to be in the final stage. As soon as the police closed the file on Hrithik Kangna controversy twitterati were curious about who came out to be the winner of this heated mud fight. As was unable to find any evidence on the “fake account” claimed by Hrithik Roshan clearly it has given a moral victory to Kangana Ranaut.  Many B-town portals has declared Kangna Ranaut a clear cut winner of the tussle. But factually the case is heading towards a dead end.

The twitter account of both the actors were blank on this issue. Not only Hrithik but also Kangna opted to prefer a silence on the social media till now. At present Bollywood enthusiasts are taking side of their favorite personality. It is to be noted that Hrithik claimed [email protected] through which Kangna sent him romantic messages was handwork of an imposter. Now police was unable to find any evidence of claims made by Roshan and filed a NIL report.
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