Priyanka Chopra shows more indianness, talks about taking husband's last name on foreign show

priyanka chopra to adapt jonas, reveals on USA show

Everything about Priyanka chopra's married life is so desi except her husband. Unlike the other recently married celebrities who opted to marry in foreign locations, Priyanka showed she is a true-hindustan at heart with the grand wedding in the Rajasthan's location followed by a few receptions on Indian land. 
She added one more feather to her indianness cap when she openly spoke about the idea of adapting last of husband Nick Jonas. Fans can easily say Priyanka is not hasitant or shy to show her cultural heritage on any ground whether it is a foreign show. 
Recently, PC appeared on the famous US 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and spoke her heart out. Here, she has reached to promote her upcoming movie Isn't IT Romantic. This was not for the first time Priyaka appeared on the show but certainly the first after marriage to Nick Jonas. Fallon asked and PC dished on her wedding. 

Priyanka showed her wedding photos to everyone and said she admires the idea of taking the last name of husband. Infact, she has decided to add Jonas with her name. She called herself as "Oldschool" in this regard.