Rajinikanth hints to opt BJP over opposition any-day

Last Modified Tuesday, 13 November 2018 (16:26 IST)
Chennai: Clarifying on his remarks that BJP was 'dangerous' party, actor Rajinikanth
on Tuesday said it might be a dangerous party for the Opposition, while hinting that Prime Minister was strongest than the (parties). 
Talking to reporters outside his Poes Garden residence, the actor said the question that was asked to him yesterday was whether the BJP was a dangerous party as Opposition parties were rallying against it, to which he said ''if they think so, it should be so''.
When the same question was posed to him today, he said ''BJP is dangerous for the Opposition''.''When they (opposition parties) think that BJP is a dangerous party,then it is a dangerous party for them only no''?
Rajini, who has confirmed his entry into politics but was yet to launch his own party, said 
he did not want to give his personal opinion.''I am yet to enter politics fully and so I cannot  give my personal opinion'', he added. Going beyond, he asked "If 10 people join to fight one person (Modi), who is more powerful...is those 10 or that one person? You decide for yourself."
Replying to a pointed question as to whether he considered Mr Modi to be powerful and strongest, he said "I cannot say this more clearly," and reiterated his point on the analogy of the 10 versus one.
''That one  must be strongest, so ten people are ganging up against him'', he said
hinting that Mr Modi was a strongest person.
Rajinikanth evaded a direct reply when asked about his stand on the BJP and the 
possibility of forging an alliance with it, saying he could reveal it now.(UNI)
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