Helicopter Eela fame Mal makes comeback in comic series (Pics)

Last Updated: Monday, 4 May 2020 (22:24 IST)
New Delhi:Television actress Rashi Mal, who shot to fame with Helicopter Eela, is back in a short film by Zee5 -- 'Food For Thought.'
In the comical satire, which will showcase great expectations of the Indian society towards girls of marriageable age, the actress will be seen playing role of a practicing doctor, while her real-life mother Abaan Deohans, struggles to find a good match for her.
Talking to UNI, the versatile actor said, "My character is of a cardiologist, who is open-minded and traditional enough to meet eligible grooms her parents arrange for her to meet. Yet, I stand out as a progressive and strong woman, who knows that my career and my life choices need to be respected."
Talking about the chemistry, she shared with her mother and others on the sets, Rashi said, "It was a wonderful experience and everyone on the set knew each other beforehands, so it was very comfortable. It felt like home. I learnt a lot from each of the actors."
On the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, "It is unfortunate that we are caught unprepared in such an unprecedented situation. But entertainment and art is what is keeping us sane and helping us sail through.
I am happy that this series being a comical tale can serve that purpose. It is a light-hearted film and I am sure it will bring a smile to everyone who watches it."The film is directed by Tania Deohans, known for directing several award-winning short films.(UNI)

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