Sunny Singh shares his workout routine, while staying indoors

Last Modified Wednesday, 25 March 2020 (19:41 IST)
has always made an inpact on the audiences with his promising performances. The type of characters he plays are all we can relate with. With this entire pandemic situation bringing the globe to a standstill, Sunny Singh shares some old school workout tips and cannot wait to imbibe then in our stay-home routines.
Sharing his upperbody routine using the exercise tool ‘Gadha', Sunny shares, "I basically use this old traditional thing which you call a gadha and you use in the akhada(on ground) which is good for your whole upperbody muscles and your arms, your shoulders, your blood circulation increases everything and there's a form to do it. It is the best thing to make your body pumped at the same time."
Adding some more home workouts, Sunny shares, "When  you are at home you do pushups and you go back to your basics because you don’t have a gym so you have to do your 'the old school pushup' which is called 'dand baithak”.
Further adding on some weight traing and functional exercises at home, Sunny recommends, "Then you use this various types of functional exercises like burpees, handstand and mixture of everything and this is what we do and I think you should also have equipments, one or two like a kettlebell, some dumbles you have to mix all the workout with that."
So now, you know how to make the best use of this entire quarantine situation, make the best use of it and still be fit. No excuses not to do it anymore because you have all the inspiration you need from Sunny Singh.
The recent Holi song of the actor, ‘Holi Mein Rangeele’ was again the Holi jam the audiences couldn't stop but shake a leg on. Sunny Singh was last seen in a mom-com Jai Mummy Di.
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