Actress Payal Rohtagi addresses "Hindu phobia Bollywood exposed" webinar

Last Modified Wednesday, 22 July 2020 (20:47 IST)
Pune: Maligning Hindu Dharma in a systematic fashion through films like 'PK' and web series like 'Pataal Lok', is indeed a conspiracy of Bollywood. A mockery is made of the Hindu Dharma, deities, traditions in the name of Freedom of Expression.
This was the observations of
controversial actress Payal Rohatgi in a webenar titled 'Hindu phobia exposed!'(Hindu virodhi bollywood ka pardafash).
Since the Hindu community is not protesting, this Hindu phobia is being fostered. The society is being brainwashed through visuals such as, a Brahmin individual almost always shown as evil or a rapist and severe atrocities being inflicted on Muslims in India. Why do these members of Bollywood, who insult the chant of 'Jai Shree Ram', not utter a word against the terrorists who shout a specific battle cry ? Why do they not dare to speak about Triple Talaq ? - actress Payal Rohatgi asked these straightforward questions to the Bollywood fraternity, whilst opining that it is indeed a conspiracy of Bollywood to systematically demean Hindu Dharma.
The webinar was organised' as a part of the 'Discussion of Hindu Rashtra (Charcha Hindu Rashtra Ki)', jointly organised by and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.
Prior to the start of the discussion, a video documentary showing how the Hindu Dharma and society are being systematically maligned through the medium of films and web series, was shown. The webinar reached an audience of 3,89,760 through Facebook and YouTube, whereas 1,08,411 people watched it LIVE. 
Many people showed their support to the cause on Twitter by using #Censor_Web_Series. Within minutes, the hashtag was trending at number one position in India. Over 1 lakh tweets on the subject were recorded.
One of the panelists at the webinar, Advocate Subhash Jha who practises in the Supreme Court said, "Bollywood has become a hub of Jihadis and 'Love Jihad' is celebrated in the industry. Bollywood has played a major role in the islamisation of India. Underworld goons such as Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim have funded Bollywood to systematically establish the 'Khans'. This Jihadi arm of Bollywood should be investigated by NIA."
Ramesh Solanki, who continues to fight against the defamation of Hinduism in social and mainstream media, said, "Bollywood is D-Gang's means of converting black money into white. Instead of making humour content purely for the purpose of entertainment, disgusting jokes are made on the Hindu Dharma and its traditions. Hindus should come together to fight against this."
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti's National Spokesperson,  Ramesh Shinde said, "Acting on the request of Raza Academy  the same Raza Academy that had carried out riots in Mumbai in 2012, the Maharashtra government has given a recommendation for a ban on the film, 'Muhammad: The Messenger of God'.
However, regardless of the intensity of protests from Hindu groups of films, the government takes no action whatsoever. 
Due to the absence of binding regulations, OTT platforms are showing web series that depict our defence forces in poor light and have extremely objectionable, Hinduphobic and anti-national content. Web series such as 'Court Martial' and 'Code M' have gone a step further and shown our defence personnel as being gay. 
The government should bring these web series and OTT platforms under the binding regulations of Central Board of Film Certification.(UNI) 
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