How to create an impressive personal brand? Here is the answer

How many of us think that our account is not just for uploading selfies and routine updates, but it also can be used for professional purpose? How many of us know that our account can also be used for and not just for keep chasing top trends and troll all day? How many of us feel that by the help of we can also build a strong personal brand for ourselves? We go on using these social media functions and doing so many other things in life without realizing the full potential of them. If you want to explore all the codes of personal branding and creating a niche for yourself, there is one book for you and it’s right here.

“Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond”, written by the author duo of Dr. Amit Nagpal and Dr. Prakash Hindustani is one to be relished. The motif of the book lies in the very motto of it : “Branding is just the journey, Bonding is the destination.” How you can build a personal brand by joining the dots and making a striking case for yourself, how you can align your personal brand with the organization brand, how can inspirational storytelling transform into digital storytelling, how social media helps us in the whole thing and how we can create a fabric of bonding, which can help us in our profession as well as in our personal growth, all this is told in this precise, eloquent, thought-provoking book with an eye on detailing in such a way, that you can’t help cherish the whole reading experience.

Not many of us know about the 4 “P”s of personal branding. This book tells us. Not many of us are aware of those 10 specific reasons to have our own personal brand. This book tells us. Not many of us know the meaning of the in the first place, this book goes on to tell us about those 6 steps that can help us becoming an expert on Quora. 7 simple ways to write professionally, here they are to be found. 20 dressing tips for a powerful personal brand, you will get them here. The 4 Q model for the holistic living, well, This book has a complete package of them all.

Reach’s online ID calculator website says : “Today, if you don’t show up in Google, then you don’t exist.” And this is absolutely true. Knowingly, unknowingly, we all are a part of the Google universe nowadays. We all have Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts and Google remembers our name. So, since we are destined to show up in Google search, then why not make it better? Why not make a better profile for ourselves and why not create am impressive personal brand Why not enhance our Google Quotient Searchability? There is no other option, in fact. In which case, it becomes necessary for us to pick up this book and read through it to find those precious nuggets, that can help us do better in this fiercely competitive world.

A Narendra Modi does not rise out of nowhere and become the Prime Minister of India. A massive appeal of personal brand works for him and this appeal is a carefully created and crafted one, a force, which could send the shock wave across the Indian political scenes and came to be known as “Modi Wave”. The power of personal branding was never showcased better in India, as it was during the 2014 general elections. A case study of Narendra Modi as a personal brand makes this book all the more precious for the readers. And the storytelling lessons from Steve Jobs are a bonus, a cherry on top. No person, who is not away from social media and information technology, can afford to miss this book. It is right there for you to relish and cherish.


Book : “Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond”
Author : Dr. Amit Nagpal and Dr. Prakash Hindustani
Publishers : StoryMirror
: 216

Price : 285/-
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