5 Romantic Novels to Read This Winter

Last Updated: Monday, 28 December 2020 (18:25 IST)
- Noopur Jambhekar

The cozy season of has started and everyone’s thinking of their partners (well, IF you have one and are unable to be with them because of you know, the pandemic!). Winter is the perfect weather to curl up in your bed, covered in duvets like a burrito with a warm cup of hot chocolate, and a romance novel in your hands. Yeah, I too can “only imagine”! Even if I cannot stay in bed all day, I can still read a romance novel to feel the cheer of the season. So, here are a few books that are the best picks to read this winter.
1. by Kate Clayborn
The book was published in Dec 2019. It’s a heartfelt, romantic, and a feel good book. Meg started hand-lettering last year and that skill of hers brought her fame on social media. Now she has a very successful business and crafts stationery for the stars. She has a well-kept secret though, she cannot hide messages in her letters. This little harmless act brings trouble in her personal as well as professional life. Her secret gets spilled out. Is that an end to her career or a new beginning?
2. by Elizabeth Sussex
This holiday novella involves an army officer who needs to get married by Christmas. He doesn’t have much time. He has to find a woman, woo her, and wed her before going back to the sea. A girl with no future or no one by her side accepts the lieutenant’s offer. Only after they get stuck in a snowstorm do they realize that they got a lot more than they asked for. A good read with laughter and tragedy.
3. by Josie Silver

A book by Josie Silver published in August 2018 is a New York Times Bestseller. When you read this book, you’ll be swept away in a whirlwind romance. The story is very similar to any romantic movie you might watch. The woman doesn’t believe in love and thinks it happens only in the movies. Later, she sees a guy through the misty bus window and knows he’s the one. Of course, they’re destined to find each other. After a long wait and the drama that happens in between, the two finally unite. It’s an extremely love-struck novel if you love the genre and perfect for a winter read.
4. Evie’s Little Black Book by Hannah Pearl
Also published in August 2018, this has a 4.2/5 rating on Goodreads. This the book offers a very different story. Evie is at a man’s wedding who she has fancied for years and now she’s sad why cannot she have someone for her! She is sad and frustrated. She needs to know the reason for all this and so she creates a black book of all the guys she’s ever kissed. Probably she’ll find the answers in those pages.
5. by Elizabeth Lowell

Another New York Times Bestseller Elizabeth’s book Winter Fire is a story of a young girl who was a mail order bride at 14, a widow at 16 and now at 20, only wants to live her life on her own conditions. She has lived a life of misfortune and now is determined to change its course.
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