How is your day: 05th February

Last Modified Friday, 5 February 2021 (10:25 IST)
Aries: Work wise pending payments toward you get further delayed and you contact those who owe you. Be patient and have more faith. It’s a temporary phase.

Taurus:  A business conference/seminar is uppermost on your agenda. Attending it gives you the knowledge and ideas to use to hence benefit in your chosen field of work.
Gemini: You are moody and crabby for the most part today as you feel life is giving you a raw deal in most areas. Maybe its time you claim responsibility and do something where you are not in this position

Cancer:  If married, allow your indulgent mate to soothe your nerves this evening.
 Leo: You may be required at work early this morning or it could be your own choice to get things cracking even on your day off.

Virgo: Those of you involved in a meaningless long flirtation end the relationship abruptly and choose peace of mind over all.
Libra: Love is in the air and in your life and you are your romantic best with your mate who has not seen much of you this whole busy week. You make up in more than one way and surprise gifts and fun outings are indicated.
Scorpio: Pending paperwork and calls is your priority this evening. Health is good.
Sagittarius:  Work is energetic and as evolving as you are today. So take a leap of faith and a discus with trusted associates. Love life will be in turmoil. Smile and resolve.
Capricorn:  Your mind is full of innovative ideas if involved in an independent business. Today you decide to take stock of everything before you act out on plans.
Aquarius:  Those experiencing difficulty with staff/ labor should be fair and sort out issues harmoniously this evening. Turn in early tonight.
Pisces:- Business partnerships flourish as you share perfect understanding and rapport with your partner who is supportive and agrees on doing something different taking the necessary risk at this time.
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