Blackbuck poaching case: Salman sentenced to 5-year jail

Last Updated: Thursday, 5 April 2018 (15:33 IST)
Jodhpur: Bollywood’s actor was on Thursday sentenced to five years in jail by a Jodhpur in the black buck poaching case.
Meanwhile, other accused Saif Ali Khan, Dushyant Singh, Tabu, and were acquitted giving them benefit of doubts.
The “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” was also fined Rs 10,000 in the case.
Now the 52-year-old actor can appeal in higher courts but cannot apply for bail in the Jodhpur court. Chief Judicial Magistrate (Rural) Dev Kumar Khatri found the actor under section 9/51 of the Act. 
Salman will now have to go to Jodhpur Central Jail directly from the police. 
After hearing the verdict, there was silence in the court and Salman's family in the court was disappointed and both of his sisters started crying. 
After convicting Salman, his lawyer Hastimal Saraswat urged the court that he was a good person, therefore, to minimise his sentence and to show humility towards him. 
Soon after the lunch, the judge declared the sentence. After the court's decision, the police took Salman into custody. 
Salman was convicted in one of the cases in 2006 and was sentenced to five years in jail. While the actor spent a week in jail, the sentence was suspended by the Rajasthan High Court. The actor was also charged with two other poaching cases of Chinkara deer and blackbuck in Bhawad village and Mathania village respectively. He was acquitted in both the cases. (UNI)