These 29 Buddha facts will help you know everything you need to know about him

Aniruddha Joshi “Shatayu”
The word literally means Enlightenment. Buddha has also been termed as Light of Asia. In ancient times, was once the prominent religion of India.
Due to internal rifts and Turk-Mongol invasions, Buddhism kept gradually vanishing from India. In the world, However, It is still considered as third largest practicing religion after Christianity and Islam. Following is an outline of Buddha’s life and times, consisting many facts still not known to many :

  • Birth place of Buddha-  Siddharth Gautam, who later became Lord Buddha, was born in 563 B.C. in forest of Nepal. His birth took place when her mother Mahamaya was heading towards Devdah. The place is located down a slope in Nepal, some 8 kms west of Nautanva station.
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