Three salient analogies from Buddhism

First Bauddha analogy that comes to mind pertains to the fire circle created by firebrand. As evident, there is no circle as such but a false appearance. The key word here is (non-self) and any impression of continuity (of such self) is an illusion.

A teaching perhaps most representative and of Buddha is in assertion, ‘Whatever is arising is a ceasing thing’. There is a law of Pratityasamutpada or dependent origination which creates the seemingly underlying unity responsible for the coherence in life. This is in reality a stream of becoming.

The second analogy is that of fire produced by the magnifying glass. According to Buddha School when senses meet their objects sensation is born; sensation leads to memory. The self comes into existence from the contact of the senses and their objects, just as fire occurs from the contact of magnifying glass and the Sun rays.

The bud originates from the seed; though not the seed nonetheless, no different from it as well. Life also, likewise comes into existence.The third example is that of river, Samsara, the transient world is like a river. It’s an ever-changing phenomenon and the name as such is just notional, for everything is changing.

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