11 Easter facts that we all must know

The literal meaning of has been derived from the word itself, which is one of the prominent festivals of Christians after day.

If religious experts are to be believed, the churches used to observe Easter as a holy day, later in the fourth century the and other days were declared sacred.

Pernoctation and other rituals were performed in the churches at night before the Easter Sunday

Colorful candles are distributed among friends and family during Easter. Lighting up candles is a symbol of showing solidarity with Jesus Christ.

The holy Sunday is also termed as Palm Sunday.

had informed about the birth of Jesus in the early morning to other women. It is the reason why the worship of Easter begins early morning as Jesus was reincarnated at that time.

Later devotees started worshiping Christ at 12 noon in the church on Easter day. The reincarnation discourse is also delivered to devotees.

Good Friday is the day of the of Jesus still Easter holds more importance as Jesus had resurrected on that day.

After the crucifixion of on Good Friday It is believed that he was resurrected on Sunday.

As per the followers of Christianity, After the Jesus spent some time with his followers and friends, and then headed towards Heaven.

In the beginning, most of the Chrisitians were Jewish. These Jewish had declared the resurrection of Jesus on Easter day.
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