Share COVID-19 vaccine formula with other companies: Kejriwal suggests Centre to scale up production

Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 May 2021 (15:12 IST)
New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister on Tuesday suggested Centre that in order to meet the high demand of vaccines, not only just two, but more companies should also be engaged in making vaccine and vaccine formula should be shared with other companies in the country.

Addressing a digital press conference here, Mr Kejriwal suggested that not only just two companies make vaccine, but many other companies should also be engaged in making vaccine.
“The Central Government should give vaccine formula from these two companies to all the companies across the country, which can make vaccine safely. The Union government has the power to do this in these difficult times," he said.
He said there is a severe shortage of vaccine in the country.
Mr Kejriwal said only 6-7 crore vaccines per month are being collectively made by the two companies. At this speed, it will take over two years to vaccinate everyone, he said.
He said there is a need to frame a national plan to vaccinate every citizen in the country. (UNI)