North Korea unveils new missile which can be launched from a submarine

Last Modified Friday, 15 January 2021 (10:26 IST)
A submarine-launched missile was showcased during a parade marking the end of a rare congress. Analysts think it could be an upgrade from the Pukguksong-4, unveiled in 2020.(PIC-UNI)
displayed what appeared to be a new submarine-launched (SLBM) at a parade in capital city Pyongyang on Thursday night, state media reported.
The parade marked the end of the congress of the ruling Workers' Party that takes place every five years.Leader of the secretive dictatorship, Kim Jong Un, oversaw the parade in Kim Il Sung Square.
Rows of marching soldiers took part in the parade.There was a range of hardware including tanks and rocket launchers on show.
Analysts identified what could be new variants of short-range ballistic missiles, in addition to the submarine-launch version.
What is North Korea's submarine-launch missile?
Pictures released by state media showed at least four of the missiles with black-and-white cones being driven past flag-waving crowds.
The missile – which can be launched from a submarine – was labelled Pukguksong-5. This could potentially be an upgrade from the Pukguksong-4 that was unveiled at a larger military parade in October, according to analysts.
"The new missile definitely looks longer," Michael Duitsman, a researcher at the California-based James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), said on Twitter.
State news agency KCNA described it as: "The world's most powerful weapon, submarine-launch ballistic missiles."
It said the missiles "powerfully demonstrate the might of the revolutionary armed forces."
North Korea has test-fired several SLBMs from underwater. Analysts say it is seeking to develop an operational submarine to carry the missiles.
North Korea's military capabilities
North Korea is under multiple sets of international sanctions over its banned and ballistic missile programs.
Missing from the parade were intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), showcased in October 2020. These are believed to be able to deliver a nuclear warhead to anywhere in the United States. (Reuters, AFP)