Pakistan: Gunmen kill 14 on passenger bus

Last Modified Thursday, 18 April 2019 (11:50 IST)
Karachi:No group has yet claimed responsibility, but militant separatists and Islamist extremists are active in this part of southwest Pakistan.
ambushed a passenger bus in southwest on Thursday, killing 14 people. A local official said it was unclear who was behind the shooting.
The men reportedly entered the bus, demanded to see everyone's IDs, and then commenced their attack on specific passengers. It remains unknown what ethnicity or denomination the assailants were marking.
No group has yet claimed responsibility for the violence, but the area has had sporadic unrest from Baluchi separatists, who are known to target the security services and people from Punjab, as they tend to make up the bulk of soldiers stationed in Baluchistan.
The separatists claim that the government does not evenly distribute the region's resources. There are also Islamist extremists active in the area, who have launched attacks on minority Shiite Muslims in the past.
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