50 pc women unaware that they suffer from PCOS

Last Modified Friday, 7 September 2018 (14:18 IST)
New Delhi: A total of 50 percent of are unaware that they are suffering from (PCOS).

According to All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), one in four women suffer from the endocrine system disorder.
Although the ailment is extremely common, what is alarming is the fact that there is very little awareness about it.
While the diagnosis of may mean a lifetime of reproductive issues for many, what a lot of women do not know is that it can be treated with homeopathy and that they can lead a PCOS-free, healthy and normal life.
With symptoms like irregular and painful periods, rapid weight gain, thinning and growth of hair on the face and body, PCOS often leads to self-esteem issues. And if it goes unchecked, it can contribute to long-term health problems like infertility, diabetes, heart disease and endometrial cancer as well.
September is being observed as World PCOS awareness month.
Commenting on the World PCOS awareness month, Dr. Mukesh Batra, founder, Dr Batra’s group of companies, said, ‘Women are the backbone of healthcare in any society. However, often they ignore their own health. For a nation to be healthy, it is important that its women are healthy. In my 44 years of practice, I have seen more and more women presenting with symptoms of PCOS. Homeopathy offers safe, proven and cost-effective treatment methods.’ (UNI)
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