How insurance plays an important part in every phase of your life?

Last Updated: Friday, 13 April 2018 (17:25 IST)
It is true that life is a beautiful blessing, but we can’t ignore the fact that it is full of uncertainties as well. There are multiple stages associated with your life like the young age, marriage, having a child, retiring and many more. Instead of worrying about them, preparing yourself to deal with different stages is a smart option. It is good if you think about your future and multiple stages associated with life, but preparing yourself financially in advance is a wiser thing that you should do as early as possible.

Now a day, people are using multiple ways to securing their future and for the well-being of their family. But what exactly a person should do? Which is the best thing that a person can do to deal with all stages of life from every perspective like from financial and health point of view as well. These are basic questions that arise in a mind of person when it comes to the future.

But reaching a conclusion always seems to be a difficult task. Is there any plan that can secure them from every perspective or what are the multiple options that they can explore? From where you should start seems like a normal question, but a hectic one too. Don’t worry below are the basic policies that you should buy at an early stage to keep yourself prepared to fight against harsh eventualities of your life.

There are multiple forms of plans that you can explore so, choose the right one according to your needs.

 How life insurance can help you to deal with different stages of life?

As discussed above, life is full of uncertainties and we don’t know what the future holds for us, but we can at-least secure ourselves and family with the help of an effective life insurance plan. But what a life insurance can do? What exactly it can offer? These questions might look familiar to you. Basically, a life insurance plan is an agreement between an insurance company and the buyer with the promise of providing financial assistance in return of the nominal amount that you pay in the form of premium.

If you invest your money in a right form of insurance then you will realize that it provides the required cover for you at different stages of life, like it will assist you with the expenses of marriage, having a child, retirement phase, savings and much more. It will try to provide cover for almost every major stage of your life. There are some plans also that would be there for your family in case of your demise or permanent disability to deal with their financial expenses and liabilities like you do.There are multiple forms of life insurance that you can explore so, choose the right one according to your needs.

Why you should invest in Health Insurance?

is the most secure and prominent way to fight against medical eventualities of the future. We all are aware of the growing inflation rate of the healthcare industry, which makes it too difficult for a person to afford quality treatment in case if he/she get diagnosed.
The reason behind the same in most cases is the shortage of funds. But, isn’t it great if you have someone to pay for your medical bills when you can’t afford it. Yes, a health is the best and only way to deal with all medical emergencies of the future. It will be there to pay for your hospital bills that include almost everything such as doctors/specialist’s fee, room charges, ambulance expense, medicines expenses, etc.

In short, every expense related to your treatment. Moreover, it will be there to deal with pre & post hospitalization expenses, domiciliary charges, etc. and several additional covers or you can call benefits will be there for you but that completely depends upon the type of plan that you choose. With such effective health insurance cover, your all worries related to the health emergencies will get away.

Don’t forget to add car insurance in your investment portfolio

You don’t have any right to drive on the roads of India, if you don’t own a valid motor insurance. Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory to have a valid car insurance policy. But, does it make any difference?

There is no rule more than your life and you should make it your priority. You should not invest in a car insurance policy just because it is illegal to drive without a valid insurance policy, you should buy it for your own safety and to avoid unwanted road emergencies. An effective car insurance plan provides coverage against loss or damage caused to your car or its parts because of any natural and man-made calamities. It also offers accident cover for you and passengers along with the third party legal liability.


With the above three investments, your life will be sorted from every perspective. You will feel secure at each and every stage of your life with the required financial assistance in hand. With the same you don’t have to depend on anyone in case of need and you would be strong enough to fight against almost all eventualities of your life peacefully.
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