The sale of Nightwear has risen during the lockdown time due to Work from Home Culture

Last Modified Wednesday, 14 April 2021 (14:15 IST)
Understanding the hygiene of the customers in current COVID pandemic situation , KamukLife, a prominent lingerie selling brand based in India, has introduced a new breakthrough technology which is Patent Approved,
where all lingerie products are treated in the presence of Ozone gas which eliminates bacteria/Virus/Flu etc. from the lingerie. So, what the customer gets is a complete clean and odour free product which they wear without any apprehensions.
The process is known as Ozone Clean. Kamuk Life aims to ease the hygiene concerns of its customers. Being proactive about the hygiene and health issues of the customers, the company has very recently been successful in getting the patent for the same technology.  Making use of the Ozone treatment technology, Kamuklife cleans all lingerie and its other products in presence of Ozone gas, that is attracted to bacteria, viruses and other contaminants on the clothes. The customers can rest assured that the product that they purchase from Kamuk Life is free of any kind of contaminant and can relax in such pandemic conditions too, as they remain safe on buying and wearing such intimate lingerie. This service of using the Ozone cleaning technology  is one-of-its-kind in India and also unique to the lingerie industry.
According to Abhishek Gupta, Founder, Kamuk Life, “While women around world and in India are buying lingerie and other garments from stores, there is a growing concern about the hygiene  level of these readymade garments,  especially when it comes to Lingerie as they are most Intimate form of readymade garments. All the collection that you see here has been designed by our in-house designers. At KamukLife, we make sure of using some of the best Indian materials, which after going through a thorough Ozone treatment and quality inspection is delivered at your doorstep,”
Even the brands understand that digital-shopping is the future and many of them have shifted to the online market. One of the main reasons can be attributed to buying within the safety of our home environment, minimal touch points and contactless delivery. Also, the on-field agents make sure to wear protective gear—all this helps boost customers’ confidence over purchasing lingerie online through kamuklife. The elevation in online demand is a testimony to the rising concerns of the consumers about safety and hygiene.
Kamuk Life understands that what customers really want is to create life-long memories with long-lasting comfort and safety. Thus, it makes sure to put consistent efforts and become a brand that would soon dominate shopping behaviour in the unprecedented covid-19 era and also be able to fulfill the demands of its customers in future as well. The air out may be contaminated with virus, but Kamuk Life makes sure that the air in your bedroom is full of love and your body is wrapped in hygienic nightwears.
Kamuk Life understands that in India, the population still does not feel comfortable while purchasing products like Dress, Lingerie Online,  Nighty Online and Wellness products offline. Thus, while understanding this demand they thought about creating a common platform where they can sell all the related products. They take special care that post placing the order, these products are delivered to their customers in a discreet manner. This enhances the usefulness and the trust, for the audience who wish to purchase the products offline.
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