Radhaji and Sri Krishna touched the eyelids of blind old Bairagi as he saw the unsurpassable beauty of the divine couple

The lives of and become living testimony of God. Religion and philosophical thoughts and even spiritual discipline remain dry intellectual exercise till we come across someone who can attest to the truths experientially. The greatness of dharmic tradition is most visible in the lineage of pious and Sadhus and Sants throughout the ages. texts claim that the contribution of Sants in establishing of Dharmic values surpasses even that of Avatars! How? It says, Sadhu-Sants though their complete devotion attain all qualities of God; but they possess on quality more that their God; it is that of Puraskara or power of recommending to God for bestowing grace on devotees! This is something that God can’t do. Thus (Garland of Devotees), the most exalted text of Bhakti school puts down a principle that Sadhu-Sants should be considered as the Guru of one’s own Guru. In India innumerable popular stories are part of our rich tradition that becomes vehicle for imparting moral and spiritual truths to generations; and this collection of stories is ever expanding. This is a part of our spiritual heritage that spreads to Iran-Iraq in West and to Cambodia in the East. In this column we shall share some inspiring anecdotes of Sadhu and Sants whose lives encapsulate the essence of perennial wisdom of Dharma.

Madan-ter Waale Baba, Vrindavan

Some 100 years ago, in an old blind Vaishnava bairagi lived in a hut near the temple of Madanmohan ji. He was a recluse aspirant. People knew very little about him. Every morning after taking bath in Yamuna ji, he used to enter in the Madan-ter Kunj (shrubs) carrying Yamuna water in a Karua. For common people given to worldly things his routine was apparently eventless. But his existence was of different plane. He would envision Sri Radha-Krishna’s day and night and weep profusely. The evening was for visit to Sri Govind Ji’s darshana and while returning back to hut he collected some pieces of Rotis in (alms) to satisfy hunger.

This routine continued for more than 40 years. The pang of separation from the beloved divine couple Radha-Krishna became most unbearable. Continuous weeping costed him eye sight and it didn’t bother him even. Now he would lose all senses for hours together. Time lost its meaning for him. He was in a whirl of a divine madness of Sri Radha Krishna’s Leela.

One day Leela of the Lord entered his life. Sri Radha-Krishna came near him in the Madan-ter Kunj. Radha Ji asked – Why this Baba is weeping? Can’t you make him happy?

Sri Krishna asked to Baba : Baba why are you crying? Has someone hurt you? Did someone take away your belongings?

Baba said: No, nothing of this happened to me. You leave me alone.

Should I bring to you buttermilk and bread? Tell me what you want; I’ll bring that for you, Sri Krishna said.

Baba snapped : Why don’t you go away Gwalriya, and tend your cows?

Sri Krishna went back to Radha ji and accepted his defeat.

Radha ji said: You couldn’t make him laugh; now let me try. She went to Baba and said: Baba! Why are you crying? Has your daughter-in-law passed away?

Baba laughed loudly and said : Laali, I don’t have any daughter-in-law.

Now I got it, you are weeping because you don’t have anyone your own? Radha Ji said.

No, Laali! I am weeping because my beloved people have forsaken me, Baba replied.

Who are they, Baba?

you don’t know them. He is the enchanter of Braj whom I have worshipped all my life. He has not given me darshana till now. What to speak of his consort Laali, she has turned stone-hearted and has also forsaken me. You tell me what should I do now?, He asked.

I stone hearted! Sri was exclaimed. She said, Baba my name is also Radhai. You tell me what you want?

What I need Laali… This is end of my life. If only I can get a view of the divine couple Sri Radha-Krishna? Baba said.

Baba you are very simple… you don’t have eye-sight, how will you see them?

You are very naïve Laali. When they will touch my eyes, won’t I get back vision?, Baba said.

Laali couldn’t hold herself back. She touched eye of Baba and Lalaji touched other eye. Baba saw the unsurpassable beauty of the divine couple. The ecstasy was beyond description and baba remained in Samadhi all through night. Early morning some Brajwasis found Baba and took him to Madan Mohanjis’ temple. The immediately recognized the state of Baba. He along with other started encircling baba. Listening the Kirtana slowly Baba regained consciousness and narrated his experience to the assembled devotees. The pain of separation grew beyond limits and he was always seen weeping. Baba’s body couldn’t bear the pain anymore and he left his mortal body to join divine leela of Sri Radha Krishna.

(Acknowledgement: This incidence narrated to Sri Kashiprasad Shrivastav by his Guru
Siddha Sri Gaurangdas Babaji of “Raman Reti” is recorded by Sri A.B.L. Kapoor
in his book “Braj Ke Bhakt”)
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