13 things not to do during Navratri

Last Updated: Sunday, 18 October 2020 (10:36 IST)
Festive season of is all about ghatsthapna, vrats, dandiya and garba. While putting all efforts to please Maa Durga, one should also take care of few dont’s which can enrage her.

1: People observing should not have a or haircut.
2: Devotees should not cut their nails too.
3: If you have lit up Akhand Jyoti, ensure the presence of a person in home 24x7
4:  Avoid eating onions, garlic and non veg food during the 9 days.
5:  People should not wear the dirty clothes during Navratra.
6:  One should not use leather made products like belt, sleepers, shoes.
7:  People on fast should not cut lemon.
8:  While having fast people should avoid using grain and salt in the food

9:  If Vishnu Purana is to be believed, A nap in the noon is prohibited.
10:  If you are having a fruit, complete it in one sitting.
11:  If you are chanting Chalisa or Saptashati, never pause it to talk with someone.
       It will bring negative energy into your body.
12:  Many a times people chew tobacco to battle hunger. Stop it, as addiction destroys your fast.
13:  Be on a celibacy mode, avoid making physical relations, it hampers the result of fast.
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