Re-Birth : How our Karma affects our Reincarnation?

Marut Mitra
Eternal laws work same, irrespective of time, place and situation.

This is how Charak Bhagwan proves and last birth’s fruition in this birth, based on Aptagam proofs.

By perception also it is observed – progeny dissimilar to parents, difference in complexion, voice, physiognomy, mind, intellect and fate in spite of the similar genetic source, birth in a superior and inferior clan, slavery and sovereignty , happy and unhappy life, inequality in life span, achievement of the result of the deed here, inclination of untrained ones to weeping, breast-suckling, laughing, fear etc., appearance of marks in body parts, difference in result in spite of similarity in action, intellectual interest or otherwise of previous birth showing the coming back of the persons who had left the world, liking or otherwise in spite of similar face.

On the same basis it is inferred that the deed of the self is unavoidable, undestructible, related to previous body and continuing is known as ‘daiva’ (fate). This (rebirth) is result of that (deed). Hereafter another (birth) will also be true. Seed is inferred from fruit and vice versa.

Thus, re-birth having been astablished by (all) the four means of correct knowledge, one should attend to the religious scriptures (and duties prescribed by them) such as service of the teacher, study, performance of rites, marriage, reproduction, supporting servants, worship of guests, charity, refraining from desire of taking (another’s property), penance, refraining from envy, benevolent acts of body, speech and mind, constant examination of body, sense organs, mind, objects, intellect and self and also concentration of mind. One should also take up such other works which are undespised by noble persons, beneficial for heaven and which promote livelihood. Acting so one attains fame here and heaven hereafter. Thus the third desire for the other world is explained.

Unfortunately, we are generation of microscope observations. We trust small window of clinical trial experiments but doubts Aptagam or Tradition giving same fruits to generation after generations.

Kaliyuga. Eternal darkness of ignorance.
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