6 Krishna myths, that will leave you wondering

Aniruddha Joshi “Shatayu”
Krishna’s aura was not only magnetic but also mysterious. While his heart warming games with was graceful in Vrindavan, but he was also an equally tactful warrior. He was a Yogi, a seer, an administrator, a lover and a philosopher, all rolled into one. Do we think we know Krishna? Well, not as much as we think. Let’s look into some intriguing myths that will leave us wondering.

The complexion of Krishna : Many believed that Krishna’s complexion was dusky, an azure blue fading into darker tones. The color was similar to the dusk when the sky turns blue with impressions of darkess. But Krishna’s complexion was neither black nor blue, and not even the mix of both. Krishna’s complexion is called Shyam, or more precisely “Megh Shyamal”. The cloudy complexion. It was a curious mix of blue, black and white, similar to rainy clouds.
The of Krishna : The fragrance of Krishna was intoxicating. Krishna was known for being an imposter. He would camouflage his identity and acquire various shapes and forms. Many scriptures claim that his fragrance was similar to jasmine. Rather, it was a mixture of Jasmine and sandal (Gopika-chandan). It is also termed as “Ashtgandha”.
Krishna’s many forms : Myths have it that Krishna had the power to change forms. From the silky skin to the hard masculine form, Krishna possessed both varieties of human body. During the war his body used to turn as hard as Vajra. It was possible because Krishna had mastered the craft of Yoga and Kalaripattu.
Forever Young : When Krishna died at the age of 119, his hairs were still black and there were no wrinkles on him. It means he aged so well that he remained absolutely untouched by the effects of old age that no average human being can survive.
In : Located on the shore of Gujrat, Dwarika was the favorite city of Krishna. Every single building in Dwarika was constructed as was desired by Krishna. But very few people know that he never lived in his favorite adobe for more than six months. Dwarika was constructed by and Maydanav. It is said that Vishwakarma and were the architects of gods and demons (Dev-Asura) respectively.
How Dwarika was destroyed : If and the popular myth are to be believed, then Dwarika had sunk into sea and thus had ceased to exist. However, there is also an another theory that Dwarika was already destroyed before it submerged into deep sea to be lost in oblivion forever.
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