Kamadeva : Things you never knew about the “God of Love”

Author Aniruddha Joshi “Shatayu”
The definition of “Kama” is always being debated in mythology. You pronounce the word and eyebrows will be raised. People would immediately relate it with a sexual reference. However real meaning
of “Kama” includes work, desire and libido.  All those functions that provide us with satisfaction, joy, a sense of beauty; fall under “Kama”.

A detailed description of Kamadev, Kamasutra, can be found in Hindu mythology. The spellbinding erotic sculptures of are based on Kamasutra. We all have heard or read about Kamadev. Many Pauranic parables allude him. But who exactly was Kamadev?  Was he just an imaginary entity or was his legend had more to that? These 9 points will help you unfold the Kamadev mystery to a great extent.
  1. Kaamdev’s household:-  Legends have it that Kamadev was son of Vishnu and Laxmi. He married Rati, the goddess of and infatuation. As per some other stories Kamadev was son of Brahma, the creator of the universe, and he also had some relation with Lord Shiva. Some other legends suggest that Kamadev was an offspring of Dharma and his wife Shraddha.
  1. God of Love- In West, especially in myths, and Eros are Gods of love. In Hindu myths this place safely belongs to Kamadev.
  1. Other Names of Kamadev :-  Kamadev has many names. He is called “Ragavrunt”, “Ananga”, “Kandarp”, “Manmath”, “Mansija”, “Madana”, “Ratikant”, “Pushpvan”, “Pushpdhanv” etc. He is also called “Arthdev” and “Gandharv”, who evokes sexual desires in the dwellers of paradise. Sometimes he is also termed as “Yaksha”.
  1. Portrayal of Kamadev :- Kaamdev has been portrayed as a handsome young man with golden wings holding bow and arrow. Red flag unfurls over his parrot shaped chariot. Some other scriptures have depicted him riding an elephant too.
  1. Bow and Arrow of Kamadev : - The bow of Kamadev is sugarcoated and the bowstring is soaked in honey. Arrows are ornate with flowers. Kamadev mainly carries five kind of arrows with him : 1- Maran, 2 – Stambhan,  3- Jrumbhan, 4-  Shoshan, 5- Ummadan.
  1. Khajuraho of Assam :-  Madana-Kamadev temple is called the Khajuraho of Assam. Situated in a dense forest, this temple has some marvelous sculptures portraying the erotic frolicking of Kamadev and Rati. Legends have it that Kamadev was turned to ashes by a furious and he was resurrected at this very place to be united with again.
  1. Spring of :-  Kamadev is being worshipped on Vasant Panchami. Springtime is his favorite hence the arrow full of blooming flowers. When the arrows are released from the bow, they make no sound whatsoever. Kamadev is also being called Ananga, which means one who has no physical form of one’s own. Kamadev is also called “Mara”. It is hard to survive the strike of Kama.
  1. Here dwells Kama : According to Mudgal Purana, Kama dwells in all things seductively beautiful, all those that fill us with lust and carnal desires. Especially in many parts of a woman’s body.
  1. Kamadev Mantra :  Not only Kamadev’s arrows but also his “Klim” Mantra are able to lure fairer sex into his spell. If mythology is to be believed than chanting this mantra will keep your partner physically attracted towards you. Besides, he/she will also make you the priority of life. In order to lure their clients, prostitutes and dancers too used to chant the same Mantra. Regular chant of this mantra maintained their charm, beauty and attraction.
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