Why Ganesha has a head of Elephant?

An intriguing story lies behind the Birth of Lord Ganesha. As per Varaha Purana, was engrossed in making Ganesh with five elements. It is the reason why looked like a hunk. Other Gods started feeling inferior with the charisma of Lord Ganesha. Knowing about this rising insecurity of gods, Lord Shiva enlarged belly of Ganesha and made the head similar to an elephant.

The other story is from Shiva Purana. As per the story, Goddess prepared an effigy from her face pack and later infused life in it. He became her Dwarpal and obeyed her order. She went to take a bath and ordered Dwarpal not to allow anyone to enter. Coincidentally, Lord Shiva came to meet Parvati after a few minutes. Baal Ganesh denied Shiva to enter into the room. Irritated by this, Lord Shiva tried to convince him, but to no avail. This fumed Lord Shiva beyond measure and he beheaded Baal Ganesha. When Parvati came to know about the incident, she started mourning. In order to pacify Goddess Parvati, Shiva fixed elephant’s head on Ganesha’s body and gave him a lifeline. Shiva gifted many powers to Ganesha out of which one was to be worshipped first among all gods.

Ganesha has a trunk,  pot belly and has a little mouse as a carrier. Still, these traits are unable to pose any hindrance to him. Ganesha is termed as and (trouble shooter). He never allowed his shortcomings to become his weakness and used them as his strength. His trunk indicates that the path of success is a Topsy-turvy curve. Similarly, Elephants walk quite slowly but steadily towards their destination. Their eyes are small but sharp, it helps them to analyze things subtly. Long ears of Lord Ganesha teaches us to be good listeners.
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