“My Tirth India” provides services of “online darshan”

Last Updated: Sunday, 18 April 2021 (14:15 IST)
New Delhi: business and the “yatras” have been affected quite hard in this pandemic and in such a situation where movements are restricted, (MTI), a religious pilgrimage site, is providing the services of “online darshan” and “prasad” at the doorstep from any temple across India.

“To ensure that the pilgrims don’t miss the opportunity, MTI provides ‘online darshan’ and gets ‘prasad’ delivered to their doorstep,” MTI Founder said in a statement.
“With this idea, we want to help people who cannot step out of their home but, wish to visit the pilgrimage of their choice, anywhere in India,” Indraneel added.
“My Tirth India, a unit of M/s Holygallivant Private Limited was launched in September 2019. MTI has franchisee branches across most cities in India. In just 7 operational months, MTI has tied up with over 100 hotels across the country, airlines wherein they offer cheap air tickets for pilgrims or otherwise. There are special offers for groups, senior citizens, corporates, and housing societies,” the MTI said in a statement. (UNI)
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