Bhori Sakhi : A love-intoxicated devotee of Brindaban

was born on of Vikrama Samvat 1947 in Bhelsa (Vidisha) of central India. His father PT. Chhedilal was a pious soul and Bholanath was given to devotion and purity from early childhood. When Bholanath grew older, his search for a Guru too increased. He roamed to various places, looking for a right spiritual master. His elder brother got him initiated from Pundit Sevalal of Radhavallabha sect who was chief Sewayat at Gopalji Temple of Kolaras.

The Guru instructed him to continue with his study and enter into Grihastha life. Accordingly Bhoalanath got married and passed his BA. He was a bright student and recognizing his talent the Maharaja of Chhattarpur appointed him as an advisor on spiritual and dharmic affairs. In his new role Pt. Bholanath got an opportunity to see Maharaja’s library. He utilized his time and immersed deeply in study of Darshana, Shastra and Vaani’s of Sants. Later he also passed law examination. However the legal profession didn’t interest him and Maharaja Vishwanath Singh called him to Chhattarpur.
By now his heart and mind was deep in the leela of Yugal Radha-Krishna. Brij Ras was all over him and it flowed forth in his Vaani. His poetry depicting divine love of Sri Yugalsarkar has Chhaap of ‘Bhori Sakhi’ (innocent friend).  In short time his wife and son passed away. Now nothing remained in his life except Sri krishna and Sri Brindavan took him its divine shelter.
He was perfectly indifferent to the worldly requirements and was living a life of a sadhaka. His elder brother Shambhunath, a lawyer used to send money for his expenses, but after his death this too was stopped. felt no requirements for his life. He didn’t go out asking for food. Instead he found his food in Sewakunj. Here pilgrims even today throw roasted Chana to monkeys. They eat the soft kernel and throw the Chaf. Bhori Sakhi used to take this as Prasad of Sewakunj.
Sri Radha ji instructed to Sewayat of Radhavallabha Ji in dream to provide her prasada to Bhori Sakhi.  Now Bhori Sakhi got the Shat-rasapurna Prasada of Radhaji. He was not a devotee to be duped; he wanted nothing except pure love of Sri RadhaKrishna. He changed his routine. Now he daily took the food to Yamunaji and offered all delicacies to fishes except two dry Rotis, which he ate in seclusion.
The Viraha (pang of separation) of Sri Radhakrishna grew every day. His days and nights passed weeping for them and there was no respite even for a moment. The blessed joy of this burning for the Lord is beyond our comprehension, but we get some hints of it in Padavali that he sang to please Sri Radhaji.
We don’t know much about his sadhana and leela experiences much as on Ashada Shukla Shasthi of Vikrama Samvat 1988 he left his mortal remains to enter in divine leela of Sri Yugalsarkar.

(Source: “Braj Ke Sant” by Dr. A.B.L. Kapoor)
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