Bikini model changes Avtaar after US$16 M transaction (Pics)

Last Updated: Monday, 14 October 2019 (18:59 IST)
It is often said that when money talks no one checks the grammar. This comes true for a  , A south African who received a payment of  US$16 million from Prime Minister of as per the leading international Daily New York Times.
The Lebanese PM Saad Hariri transferred this amount in his first term from 2009-2011 and before returning to leadership in 2016. However, the transfers were not illegal but this comes amid Lebanon being in the grip of an economic slowdown.
This news spread in the international news network like a live wire. Everyone started hunting for the pics of Candice van de Merwe on every social media platform.  Interestingly, people came across to her two entirely different images. One during 2009-2011 ane one after the year 2011.
Thus her two different images were seen on the leading news portals. In her first look, she was looking more like a typical blonde girl. But in her next avtaar she was looking a beauty right out of a Brazilian forest, all thanks to the plastic surgery. The one part of her body which was completely changed was her lips. That's not all the colours of hair has also been changed. Earlier the her hair was of creame colour now she has full black hair on her scalp. Besides the breast and buttocks are appearing curvier. 
As per the grapevine, the credit to her staggering swap should be given to the amount credited into her account. Clearly the surgery are a costly affair. Well, which Avtaar of Candice did you like most. Please comment below.(WD)