‘Bikini Climber’, known for posing in bikinis on mountain tops, dies after ravine fall

Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 January 2019 (18:06 IST)
In a tragic incident, a Taiwanese hiker, who became famous on social media for taking selfies on top of mountain peaks dressed in a bikini, died after falling off a ravine in in Taiwan and freezing to death.
Gigi Wu, who was called as the “Bikini Climber” by her fans, fell down the ravine on Saturday and badly injured herself.
Using a satellite phone, she informed her friends about the incident and sought help. However, rescue helicopters found it difficult to reach her owing to bad weather.
Her lifeless body was finally spotted by officials on Monday. Efforts to retrieve her body were still underway on Tuesday.
36-year-old was a native of New Taipei City and had gained popularity in social media because of photos of her dressed in bikinis at the top of the mountains.
She used to climb the mountains in hiking clothes and would change into a bikini after reaching the top, news agency AFP reported.