"Bird Watching" may help reduce depression drastically

Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 January 2021 (14:19 IST)
On a global level, the population of birds has been noticed to decrease in the recent years. To preserve the species, 5 th January is celebrated as World Bird Day. (PIC-UNI)

Here is an article to pay tribute to the beautiful birds in the nature that’ll suggest you how you can de-stress yourself in their presence.In these times of the pandemic when everyone is looking for ways to fight depression, we’ll tell yousome ways and how you can use a trick to feel better. It’s an extremely easy task and anyone can do it from their own comfort. The activity is called ‘Bird watching’, that is observing the birds around you.
We come across a lot of birds every single day but we don’t bother to notice them. There are a lot of people who practice this activity as a hobby and go for early morning walks or trails in the nature where they go alone or in groups to look for different species of birds. They stare at them and note down their activities in a diary and on camera. Psychologists say that this is a very effective method to gain control over your mind and heart. Thus, if anyone is fighting with depression they should make some time to try this out.
One does not need a lot of equipment for this, just a pair of binoculars and a book about detailed descriptions of the birds in your area so that you’ll know which bird you are looking at. If you can get a camera, it’d be a cherry on the cake! Now get your bag ready and go on a walk to look for birds in your area.

Parks, outskirts of your city, community gardens are some of the best places to watch and observe birds. If you can go somewhere close to nature, you’ll find a lot of birds that’ll be even more colorful and different than the ones you’ll find in the city. Just try not to disturb them and you’ll be able to notice a lot of things about them.
There’d be some birds that’d be looking for food or some would be looking for twigs to build their nest.Their everyday activities would make you fall in love with them and you’d find happiness in theirpresence. You’ll leave with a happy heart.(WD)