Fed up of ‘ill-mannered’ boss, Pak Railway official seeks 730 days of leave, application goes viral

Last Updated: Monday, 27 August 2018 (14:40 IST)
Islamabad: A Railways official has reportedly sought an LFP (leave on full pay) for 730 days, according to a Gulf News report.
PC: Twitter/Pakistan Railways

In a leave application that went viral on social media, Mohammad Hanif Gul, a Grade-20 officer, wrote that he found it impossible to work with the new Federal Minister for Railways, Shaikh Rashid Ahmad, due to his “attitude” that Gul said was “nonprofessional and ill-mannered.”
Ahmad took office as the new minister on August 20, 2018.
Gharidah Farooqi and a few other journalists from Pakistan tweeted a copy of the application that was shared by many. @GFarooqi wrote: “First jolt to Railways. A senior official applies for two years leave citing nonprofessional and ill-mannered behaviour of new Railways Minister.”

Gul is the Chief Commercial Manager of Pakistan Railways. His letter goes on to read: “As an honourable member of the Civil Services Academy of Pakistan, it is not possible for me to continue to work under him”, and that Ahmad is “fully entitled to work with a team that shares his vision”.
Many Twitter users replied with disbelief at the absurdity of the leave request.
Tweep @SorayaAziz posted: “I am in shock...??Can someone tell Mr. that when you don’t get along with your boss and all measures have been exhausted, you resign.” (UNI)