Natural gas to become 2nd largest source of energy by 2030

Last Modified Tuesday, 13 November 2018 (15:36 IST)
Moscow: is projected to surpass coal and become the second largest global energy source behind oil in 2030, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in the World Energy Outlook 2018 report.
"In the New Policies Scenario, a rising tide of electricity, renewable and efficiency improvements stems growth in coal consumption. Natural gas overtakes coal in 2030 to become the second-largest fuel in the global energy mix," the report read, adding that industrial consumers are expected to make the largest contribution to a 45 percent increase in global gas use.
While the use of industrial coal is expected to show a small increase to 2040, the IEA projects declines in overall consumption in China, Europe and North America to be compensated by rises in India and Southeast Asia.
According to the IEA, coal currently makes up a third of all energy consumed worldwide and plays an essential role in iron and steel industries.