New Zealand shooting: 5 Indians confirmed dead in mosque attacks

Last Modified Sunday, 17 March 2019 (10:58 IST)
New Delhi/Wellington: There have been five casualties of Indian nationals in the ghastly and unprecedented terror attack in Christchurch in New Zealand.

“With a very heavy heart we share the news of loss of precious lives of our five nationals in ghastly terror attack in Christchurch,” Indian High Commission in New Zealand said.
In a Twitter message, the High Commission identified the victims as - Maheboob Khokhar, Ramiz Vora, Asif Vora, Ansi Alibava and Ozair Kadir.
“Our helpline numbers (021803899 & 021850033) will remain available round the clock to assist families as we together cope with our shared grief. We deeply mourn loss of all other innocent lives including people of Indian origin,” it said.
A Group of Community leaders is being constituted in Christchurch to help the family members and friends of the victims. Those who need assistance while transiting through Auckland may contact Consulate at 021531212, the missive said.
The Support Group members at Christchurch may be contacted at - Dr S.Sachdev 021476453, Dr A. Puri 0211218407, Dr. V Singh 0212371087, Mr Mohiuddin 211280040, Dr Diwaker 0273291026 and Mr H.Reddy 0274922601, the Twitter handle missive said. (UNI)