Teenage girl shoots down 2 Taliban terrorists who killed her parents

Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 July 2020 (18:49 IST)
Kabul:Qamar Gul, a 15-year-old, shot and killed two fighters after the militant group dragged her parents from their home and killed them for allegedly supporting the government in the western province of Ghor,
local officials said on Wednesday. 
The incident took place on July 16.said that her parents were killed by the Taliban in front of her who also killed her brother in Taywarah district of the province and, therefore, she decided to "avenge her family", TOLOnews reported.On July 16,  Qamar Gul took her father's AK-47 rifle and shot and killed two of the Talibanis who had just shot and killed her parents.
"They killed my father and mother in front of us and I took my father's gun and started shooting and two of them were killed and another was wounded. We continued fighting and my 12-year-old brother also supported me and then our relatives came to help us, forcing the Taliban to retreat," said Qamar Gul.
Officials said that both Qamar Gul and her brother have been taken to Firozkoh city, capital of the province, by local officials in order to protect them from Taliban retaliation.
Officials also said that the sister and brother will soon move to due to President Ghani's order and the President will meet them at the Presidential Palace.(UNI)
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